About US Air Force MARS

What is MARS?

Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) operators provide contingent radio communications for our US Department of Defense customers.

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Why join MARS?

Many Amateur Radio Operators find that MARS helps them become better radio operators, and contribute to their communities, state, region, and nation.

  • Learn advanced operating procedures
  • Improve your net operating skills (transferrable to other nets)
  • Create and send encrypted messages (on MARS, not amateur frequencies)
  • Use advanced operating modes, like PACTOR 4, M110A, MT63-2KL
  • Join a community to learn from (and share what you know)
  • Practice in daily/weekly nets and periodic communications exercises
  • Contribute to our clients’ success

What are the membership requirements?

Air Force MARS welcomes new members.  Here is a partial list of the requirements:

  • US Citizen or permanent resident
  • At least 18 years old
  • Amateur Radio Operator License (any class)
  • Modern (frequency stable) HF radio and antenna suitable for 3-10 MHZ operations over a multi-state area
    • MARS bands are outside of the amateur bands, so you will need to “open up” your radio to operate on them.  Radio manufacturers may require a copy of MARS license to perform that modification or provide that information.
  • Be familiar with digital programs and modes like Winlink Express, fldigi, PSK-31, etc.  We use digital modes for almost all of our traffic.
    • Requires an external sound card, cables, and a program (e.g., fldigi).
      • Internal PC sound cards are typically not adequate
      • Newer radios may have a sound card built in
  • Ability and motivation to learn new skills, and participate on the air.
  • Prior military experience is not a requirement.

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